Federal Chancellors since 1949

Angela Merkel (since 2005)

Angela Merkel has been head of the German Government since 22 November 2005. She is the first woman and the first former East German to hold this office.

Before Merkel, seven men headed the German Government after 1949. Each of them faced very different challenges – and at the same time left his mark on account of his power to determine general guidelines of government policy.

All Chancellors


Konrad Adenauer

1949 - 1963 more

Ludwig Erhard

1963 - 1966 more

Willy Brandt

1969 - 1974 more

Helmut Schmidt

1974 - 1982 more

Helmut Kohl

1982 - 1998 more

Angela Merkel

since 2005 more

Gallery of Chancellors

The Gallery of Chancellors was the brainchild of Helmut Schmidt. It contains the portraits of seven former Federal Chancellors.

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