Angela Merkel after her meeting with François Hollande

"Ticking off achievements"

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande have met once again to discuss relevant issues, focusing in particular on the future of the European Union and this week’s G20 summit meeting in China. "We will be providing the same impetus," said Angela Merkel.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande during talks in the French town of Evian
Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President François Hollande met for bilateral talks in Evian Photo Bundesregierung/Bergmann

During the Franco-German Business Forum in Evian-les-Bains, Chancellor Angela Merkel met with President François Hollande. It was a good opportunity for France and Germany to prepare together for the meeting in Bratislava, said Angela Merkel.

Providing impetus for the EU

The Minsters of the Interior of the two countries have already submitted proposals, while the Ministers of Defence are working on security issues and improved cooperation in the field of defence policy, reported the Chancellor.

"Security will play a crucially important role over the next days and weeks." On the one hand economic security and jobs, and on the other internal and external security, stressed Angela Merkel.

With a view to the EU summit meeting in Bratislava later this month the Chancellor said, "Germany and France will attach great importance to ambitious time schedules both in the field of internal security and with respect to the digital single market."

"Ticking off achievements month by month"

This could be very important for what can be done by next spring, when the Treaty of Rome celebrates its 60th anniversary. "We cannot afford to wait until then. We must be able to tick off our achievements month by month."

But this will require an ambitious time schedule. "We also need swifter action on the part of the European institutions. Proposals will come from the European Commission, said Angela Merkel. "We must then be ready to deal with them rapidly."

G20 summit meeting in China

Angela Merkel and François Hollande also took the opportunity to compare notes in advance of the G20 summit meeting in in Hangzhou. "The focus there will, of course, be on global economic growth," said Angela Merkel.

The European G20 states, in particular, will be endeavouring to get growth back on track. The Chancellor advocated fair markets without trade barriers. "We will do our bit for sensible development in the world."

The Chancellor announced that she would also use the G20 summit for bilateral and trilateral meetings. They would look, for instance at the migration agenda, and also the situation in Eastern Europe - "the project where too little progress is currently being made, i.e. the Ukraine and Russia". The aim is to get the implementation of the Minsk Agreements onto the agenda, said Angela Merkel.

Overall France and Germany are very much in agreement, said the Chancellor. "We will be providing the same impetus."

Working closely with the private sector

The exchange of views between Angela Merkel and François Hollande took place within the framework of the 25th anniversary of the first Franco-German Business Forum. The invitation was an indication that they intended to work closely with the private sector, said Angela Merkel.

Businesses would no doubt be able to say what impetus they would like to see. "But we will also voice our expectations of the private sector." It is not always a question of growth alone, but always about growth and jobs, and about the sectors which offer the best opportunities of achieving both of these, stressed the Chancellor.

The Franco-German Business Forum is held every September in Evian-les-Bains. It is an important part of the dialogue that exists between the captains of industry on the two sides of the Rhine. It is their aim to strengthen and expand the good economic and business relations between the two countries. The forum also services to forge deeper contacts between French and German businesses at executive level.



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